Pakistan Overseas

Higher Secondary School

I am very much thankful to “Allah” Almighty that my dream of establishing an exemplary institution in my locality has been transformed into reality. An institution which would be able to safeguard and preserve the glorious, national and cultural traditions of Muslims. An institution which would not only fulfill the requirements of the present but also be able to meet the needs of fastly changing world. More over, an institution which would play an important role in the restoration of grace and dignity of Muslim nation. Establishment of Pakistan Overseas Higher Secondary School will prove, “Insha Allah” a pleasant revolution in educational, spiritual and cultural aspects of our locality.

Top Students

Muzammil Husain

SSC (1060/1100)

Sharib Wakeel

SSC (1062/1100)

Raza Sajjid

SSC (1064/1100)

Muhammad Sami Fiaz

SSC (1084/1100)

Bisma Faiz

SSC (1078/1100)

Shabbir Samra

SSC (1064/1100)


SSC (1058/1100)


Our Vision

To Develop a prosperous and God fearing Society on the basis of Education.

Our Mission

To develop the students into model executives of future by the best balance of academic and character building in the light of the

“Quran And The Sunnah”


CEO's Message'

Welcome to Pakistan Overseas & Dukhtaran-e-Millat Higher Secondary School. The main asset of School is its reputation as one of the best schools in District Gujrat .This reputation is mainly based on the huge number of our ex-students who, to our pride, are now community leaders, making great contributions in different fields. Wherever you go, you meet some of our alumni who speak well of their school days at Overseas.

Guest Review


" The time spent with the teachers and students of this institution pleased me greatly. Such institute, environment and the total atmosphere become a medium of the fulfilment of subline dreams about the future. I pray for the success of this institution. May Allah bless this institution with success and progress! Moreover, Allah make this institution a savior of society to fulfil the lack of education that exist in whole of the society. (Ameen The institution will bring important, beneficial and positive efforts to attract the students from far off areas and to build up the standard of their future. INSHALLAH. Sayyed Munnawar Hassan "


" No doubt, POHSS & DMHSS Mandeer are objective and excellent institutions. The institutions have adopted a system of education and training that is highly helpful to change the children into a good Muslim and Pakistani. Best wishes and prayer are there for the pioneer, the responsible and the teachers. Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad Rector of UMT Lahore "