All students are expected:-

To be neatly dressed in the prescribed school uniform.

To pay particular attention to their personal hygiene.

To keep the classes and the school environment clean.

To attend morning assembly regularly and comply with the instructions announced therein.

To be regular and punctual in attending classes.

Attend school regularly. A student, who remains absent from the school for six consecutive days without sending an application, is liable to have her/his name struck off from the school rolls. Leave, except on medical grounds, should not exceed 10 days.

To appear in all examinations.

To refrain from using unfair means in examination.

Not to leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal.

To apply in advance for leave of absence. The application should be duly endorsed by parents.

To be respectful, obedient and courteous towards the staff members, fellow students, visitors and the non-teaching staff of the institution.

To avoid impolite and unseemly behavior and conduct themselves with grace and modesty within and outside the institution.

To possess the required books, notebooks and stationery while attending classes.

To refrain from cheating, stealing or telling lies, which will be viewed as serious breach of good conduct and behavior.

Not to carry any medicines/drugs/intoxicants except the medicines prescribed by a doctor.

To call their parents to school whenever asked to do so whether in writing or otherwise by the Principal.

Not to visit residential and domestic areas during school hours.

To visit canteen only during break time.

Not to cross fence of playing fields and lawns.

To observe silence in library and laboratories.

Not to visit laboratories except when scheduled to perform practical work or when specially permitted by a teacher.

Not to visit Admin Block without the permission of concern teacher.

Not to indulge in agitating the students, persuading them to be absent from classes, causing disorder and creating indiscipline which is a serious violation of rules.

Not to participate in any political activity.

To pay their school fees by due date.

To pay their school fees by due date.

Not to indulge in writing letters to fellow students or receive uncalled mail at the institution which will be deemed objectionable.

Not to borrow/lend money or any personal belonging from and to anyone.

Note: Any Student who violates this code of conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action that may include fine, suspension, rustication or expulsion.