Pakistan Overseas HSS

In this age of aimless materialistic and secular approach towards education, POHSS/DMHSS is one of a few pioneer schools of formal education where you may witness quite comfortably, a sublime blend of high standard contemporary education with revealed moral and ethical ethos. This is our dream to equip our students with education along with moral and spiritual training for making them useful citizens and true Muslims in their respective fields. POHSS/DMHSS reflects the goods of both worlds.


Well trained teachers are available to deal with & teach the children with useful methods based on Audio Visual facilities. Airy, comfortable and peaceful environment is provided to the children.

Personality Development

The teachers focus on the personality development of the students besides providing education. Islamic manners are practiced by the students and teachers are expected to present themselves as role model of morality, manner and style. Activity based education is provided to the students. POHSS/DMHSS School develops confidence, respect, honesty & courage in the students.

Department of Quranic Studies
Nazra Quran

Training programs are arranged for Nazra teachers. The department of Quranic studies has a proper counter checking arrangement.

Unique Hifz Quran (Optional)

Hifz section is an important wing of Department of Quranic studies Hifz work is got completed in routine school hours without physical punishment. Examinations for Hifz students are held to watch their progress and capabilities.

Teachers’ Training

At the end of every session and summer vacations, training workshops for teachers are arranged regularly. In this regard services of well qualified and experienced resource persons are acquired.

Co-Curricular Activities

These are considered real back up of the curriculum plan. It includes sports competition. Educational trips are arranged for students. The students are motivated and prepared to participate in Quiz programs, debates and competitions on different events.

Research and Development (R&D)

In this regard student diaries have been developed by the institution to have check and balance on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Along with that note books for the students have also been developed by the institution. The students keep the record of their learning activities on these note books during the class hours.

Activity Based Teaching

Learning by creative writing is the key feature of our methodology of teaching.

PTM (Parents Teacher Meetings)

For the betterment of students, Parents Teacher Meetings are regularly held at the end of every phase test. In this way the teacher get feedback of their students and parents also get chance to discuss the problems of their children.