Choudhary Muhammad Afzal (LATE)
Founder POA

I am very much thankful to “Allah” Almighty that my dream of establishing an exemplary institution in my locality has been transformed into reality. An institution which would be able to safeguard and preserve the glorious, national and cultural traditions of Muslims. An institution which would not only fulfill the requirements of the present but also be able to meet the needs of fastly changing world. More over, an institution which would play an important role in the restoration of grace and dignity of Muslim nation. Establishment of Pakistan Overseas Higher Secondary School will prove, “Insha Allah” a pleasant revolution in educational, spiritual and cultural aspects of our locality. The reason of establishing this institution is, that I have passed half and most important part of my life in Europe. There, I studied Islam deeply with a new angle. I availed the chance there to observe and compare other religions with Islam. God blessed me and my faith of Islam became more and more strong and patent. There is no doubt that the training and education which was imparted by my father, (late) contributed a lot towards this thought. If my father had Sufi Muhammad Khan not laid such foundation, it would not have been possible for me to move forward on this track. He had a great love with Islam and the holy Quraan. When on 3 July 1989 “Allah Almighty” called him back from this world, he, said “Labbaik” and left with such a grace and glory that he was in “Sajda” while leadin evening prayer in “Jamia Masjid”.

I observed that in Europe, parents had been much worried about the cultural, moral and religious future of their children. No doubt, they want to see their children as doctors, engineers and scientists, but equally, they have a visible urge to mould their kids into good character and a good Muslim. They have rightly realized that in Europe they have become millionaires but this is totally a trade of loss. They have come to know that in our own country a poor tenant and a labourer is lucky who may not have much money but has such well mannered children who could support and put an affectionate look at him when he is feeble and old. Worried from such environment, obviously they look towards their origin, Pakistan. But the problem, here, is that slogan of building character is common but standardized facilities for improvement are not available. Due to this reason the children who have passed some time in captivating atmosphere of west, receive a negative effect instead of positive. These effects leave very dangerous signs on them in the long run who begin to feel every thing of their beloved country substandard.


In our native country firstly the purpose-oriented facilities of education are not available and secondly if to some extant, are available, education there, is so much costly that it is beyond the approach of a common man.More over, most of the institutions here also, are lacking the same things which are not available in the western institutions. Only for that reason we have named our school after our those brothers, sisters and elders who are working in the foreign and are worried about their next generations. I have been very lucky to find a team of highly educated, well experienced and devoted professionals who have missionary spirit to work in this field.Particularly my right hand Chuadhary Majeed Ahmed is admirable who has played an important role to make this project practicable. My other friends, Khalid Farooq Rana and Khalid Mehmood Saqib also have left no stone unturned to accomplish this task.

I shall never forget the contributions of my uncle, Chaudhary Bashir Ahmed, who with his knowledge,nobility and experience proved an exemplary guidance for me. He very generously provided me the land where I became able to give Practical shape to my dream. May Allah bless us with success in our mission.